Paul Painter, President and Co-Founder

Paul Painter is a Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at The Pennsylvania State University. He was born in Birmingham, England and obtained BSc and MSc degrees from University College, London, in chemical engineering and biochemical engineering, respectively. He came to the U.S. in 1972 to study Macromolecular Science at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. After receiving his PhD he joined the faculty at Penn State in 1976. In 1983 he took a leave of absence to serve as the Director of Polymers Program at the National Science Foundation. He received an NSF Outstanding Performance Award for his administrative work in 1984. Upon returning to Penn State he refocused his research on two areas, the phase behavior of polymer solutions and blends and the structure of fossil fuels. This unusual combination of academic interests resulted in the invention that led to the foundation of IL Fuels LLC. A patent application for this technology was filed in 2010 and a continuation in part in 2011. He has managed a large number of grants from both funding agencies and industry and has published more than 250 papers on various subjects and four textbooks. He was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 1999.

Bruce Miller, Co-Founder

Mr. Bruce G. Miller, Senior Scientist and Associate Director of the EMS Energy Institute within Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, is a co-founder of IL Fuels LLC. Mr. Miller (B.S. and M.S. Chemical Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Petroleum Engineering) has 30 years experience in fuels research and development with an emphasis on fossil fuel and biomass characterization and utilization, fuels preparation and handling, hardware development and testing, and emissions characterization and control. Mr. Miller has successfully managed a large number of research projects, including pilot-scale/demonstration-scale activities involving coal preparation/cleaning, coal-water slurry (CWS) preparation, combustion systems, and pollution control technologies. At Penn State he has lead the design and managed the construction and operation of several demonstration- and pilot-scale systems including combustion units, CWS and dry, micronized coal preparation facilities, and several pollution control systems. He has participated in full-scale coal cleaning/fine coal recovery and utilization projects at various utilities.

Aron Lupinsky, Chief Researcher

Aron Lupinsky (B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer), Research Associate at the EMS Energy Institute and Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, has been working on the separation of hydrocarbons from minerals since the beginning of the project as part of his undergraduate work under the tutelage of Dr. Painter. Upon completion of his degree, he remained at Penn State and continued working on this innovative technology. He brings with him the experience and the unique practical skill-set that 17 years of military and other government employment (forest firefighting) has provided him.